AssureBridge Identity Provider Integration Nexus™ is a perfect solution for a company that faces a challenge of rapidly implementing Single Sign-On into Cloud/SaaS services for employees who are scattered across multiple offices around the world and use a variety of disparate authentication sources to log in daily into their corporate systems.  These authentication sources might be Active Directory, LDAP, Database, or any other custom authentication system.

The gateway installs easily on your application server.  The gateway supports both internal users on your intranet and remote users accessing applications outside your network or in your web facing tier (DMZ).  This makes the Identity Provider Integration Nexus™ the ideal solution for integrating cloud-based applications into your organization without requiring multiple sign-ons or complex ID management.

The AssureBridge Identity Provider Integration Nexus™ supports the following scenarios:

  • Your corporate employees wish to access applications in the cloud without additional sign-on (e.g., Google Apps, Workday, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Your corporate employees need single sign-on to internal applications that normally do not integrate well with Active Directory (e.g. Java, PHP, Linux,etc)


Are you planning to roll out a new SaaS service for your employees? Do you have offices in various locations? Do your offices maintain their own Authentication systems like LDAP, Active Directory, or Google Apps?

If your answers are yes and you are under tight deadlines to get going, consider the following key benefits of our Identity Provider Integration Nexus™ platform:

  • Allows to authenticate users against multiple disparate user directories (LDAP, Active Directory, Database, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Your users’ credentials are safe and never leave your company
  • Allows to enrich outgoing User Assertion with attributes sourced from additional user directories and databases
  • Firewall-friendly and quick to install and customize
  • Integrates with SAMLConnect™ product to offer rapid deployment of Cloud-enabled SSO services

The following diagram shows a typical Identity Provider Integration Nexus™ deployment architecture:


The following are the key features of the Identity Provider Integration Nexus™

  • Lightweight gateway deploys easily into your environment
  • Seamless cloud login using various directories as Identity Providers (IdP)
  • Supports IP Range Checking
  • Supports multiple gateways including OpenID, LDAP, Active Directory and Native Database
  • Automatic routing of users to the appropriate directory service
  • User ID translation (for example: Google Email address to employee ID)
  • Supports multiple directories simultaneously
  • Can connect to multiple Online/Cloud services
  • Firewall-friendly solution

The following diagram shows the user authentication flow: