IDM 360™: The #1  Identity Management Platform for Midsize Businesses

IDM 360™ is packed with powerful features and impressive enterprise-class capabilities. It is most complete and trusted IDM on the market.

IDM 360™ addresses all areas of Identity Management

IDM 360™ loaded with useful, functional features that allow you to quickly deliver powerful Identity Management solutions. But that’s not all, when you buy IDM 360™ products you will also get the most professional and expert customer support around!


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Secure employee access to all company services

Seamless integration of hundreds of popular Cloud corporate services including Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Concur, BlueJeans, Brightleaf, DocuSign, Taleo, Zendesk, and internal applications.  Available as on-premise appliance or cloud based service.  Connects multiple corporate directories to a single sign-on page and provides location and service policy-based authentication support including Multi-Factor and Forced login options.

  • Unified Access to multiple directories
  • Multiple forms of authenticaion
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Mobile support
  • Security and compliance
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Rock solid strong authentication for your employees and customers

Numerous factor types including one-time password Google Auth, DUO, SMS push, voice call.  Unique wrappers easily retro-fit legacy web apps for two factor auth.  Seamless integration into existing authentication including Active Directory, SAML, LDAP, Database and custom.


  • Scalable to millions of users
  • Easy integration into web sites
  • Smart rules to enforce MFA policies
  • Support for Legacy applications
  • Support for multiple types of factors
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The fastest way to incorporate Social Sign-on

Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Automatically register users with data from their social accounts. Dynamic profiling collects and tracks critical data from visitor to prospect to customer. Never ask the same question twice!

  • Login via Social services
  • Auto-provisioning and Registration
  • Progressive Profile Management
  • Account linking and reconciliation
  • Single Sign-On into online and on-premise services
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Complete pre-packaged identity solution ready for you and your customers

Single Sign-On, Directory, Custom Landing pages, Directory Synchronization, AD integration, and management console in a single managed appliance.  Rapid deployment. Flexible and cost-effective pricing model makes it ideal for service providers.


  • Scalable deployment model
  • Comprehensive platform includes all major IDM components
  • Portable and easy to embed into product platforms
  • Favorable licensing model
  • Rapid time-to-market
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Keep employee and customer credentials where they belong

Combines internal facing Active Directory with external facing LDAP. Continuous synchronization. Employee passwords never leave AD. Pass through authentication allows single login experience for both customers and employees.

  • Intelligent and reliable Active Directory data synchronization
  • Log in using AD passwords via Pass-Through authentication
  • Powerful user profile mapping
  • Synchronizes user, group, role data
  • Resolves key relationships, i.e. manager
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Powerful Identity Management support for Liferay portal

Turn Liferay into the enterprise-class portal it was meant to be. Support both inbound and outbound single sign-on with multi-tenant support.   Auto-provisioning captures complete profile information from your customers without a tedious sign-up process. Allow Liferay to tie together all of your enterprise applications with a custom-branded seamless experience.


  • Provide multiple forms of authentication for Liferay Portal
  • Quickly enable multi-factor authentication
  • Enable single sign-on into the portal from external sources
  • Enable single sign-on from the portal to internal and cloud-based applications
  • Leverage powerful enterprise directory with seamless Active Directory integration
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The fastest way to enable Sign-on for Alfresco

Integrate Alfresco™ into a complete enterprise solution with world-class single sign-on. Seamlessly connect to Alfresco Office Services. Support SSO from many clients with true multi-tenant SSO capacity. Take advantage of an individual branding experience for each customer.

  • Standards-based SSO for Alfresco including SAML, OpenIDConnect, OAuth, etc.
  • Multi-factor authentication support
  • Auto-provisioning of users
  • Seamless SSO when accessing Alfresco Office Services (AOS) from desktop applications
  • Multi-tenant support allows single Alfresco to serve multiple Identity Providers
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