Social Sign-on

Social Login Authentication

AssureBridge Social Login allows you to convert your potential prospects into qualified leads by tracking them through the complete customer lifecycle. AssureBridge Social login allows your clients and prospects to use existing social accounts rather than create a new userid and password for your site. This greatly increases the likelihood that they will sign-into your site.

Social sites supported for login include facebook, google plus, google apps, twitter, linked-in, Yahoo!, Amazon, Xing, Paypal, Weibo, Flickr, Instagram, tumblr, Salesforce, Microsoft online, FourSquare and many more. Any site that supports Open Auth 1.0, Open Auth 2.0, OpenID, OpendID connect, WS Federation, SAML 1.0 or SAML 2.0 can be seamlessly integrated as a social login source for your site.

A single, simple adapter is all that is required to integrate dozens of sites for your social sign-on.

AssureBridge Social Login goes beyond authentication by merging profile data from one or many social sites into a single dynamic customer profile. This avoid asking the user to fill out long forms, instead, with your customer’s permission, capturing a wealth of profile information numerous single sign-on sites. Further, as user profile data changes on social sites, it is automatically updated in your dynamic customer profile each time the user signs in.

Auto Provisioning and Registration

Since user profile data can be pulled from social sites, registration becomes much simples and more likely to occur. AssureBridge Social Login, provides a dynamic registration page that can be customized to each type of user. When users register, they can select so sign-in via a social site such as Facebook or twitter; with their permission, the bulk or their registration data such as first name, last name, address, phone and other preferences is pulled from the social site. If the registration requires extra information, only those fields that are missing are presented to the user. This registration process can be shared by all of your websites to assure a consistent registration process that never asks the same question twice. New users are then automatically provisioned into your web sites without the need for a separate sign-up process.

Dynamic user profile

AssureBridge Single Login uses a dynamic user profile which captures essential customer information from lead to prospect to customer. The profile is completely customizable and asks for only the necessary information at the needed time. With social login and the user’s permission, most information is auto loaded from their social site such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Profile data can also be loaded and synchronized from other sources such as your marketing database or existing directories. This data is then made available to each of your web sites on a “need to know” basis.

Single Sign-on

Once the user is logged into your site, they can navigate between all your web sites without signing in again via AssureBridge Single sign-on (SSO). Both internal sites and external services such as SalesForce, Workday, ServiceNow and hundreds of others are supported. Dynamic user profile data can be passed to each site during login via claims and attributes. AssureBridge SSO is the most comprehensive SSO platform supporting all major standards including SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID, and OpenIDConnect.