IDM 360™: The #1  Identity Management Platform for Midsize Businesses

IDM 360™ is packed with powerful features and impressive enterprise-class capabilities. It is most complete and trusted IDM on the market.

IDM 360™ addresses all areas of Identity Management

IDM 360™ loaded with useful, functional features that allow you to quickly deliver powerful Identity Management solutions. But that’s not all, when you buy IDM 360™ products you will also get the most professional and expert customer support around!

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Authentication for the real world

IDP Integration ties together all your directories including Active Directory, LDAP, Database, External SSO, and Google Apps. Users receive a unique login experience including branded micro-sites, multi-factor, integrated windows authentication, and mobile sign-on.   Custom rules allow custom authentication by company, country, network, device, application and more.

  • Unified Access to multiple directories
  • Multiple forms of authenticaion
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Mobile support
  • Security and compliance
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Secure central, versatile directory that’s ready today

On premise or cloud-based, fast, secure, scalable and reliable. Advanced, customizable rules sync with existing directories to provide a single global view. Pass through authentication keeps employee passwords safe in your Active Directory.

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  • Highly scalable LDAP directory
  • Supports unique identities
  • Fine-grained security and access control
  • Reliable synchronization bus
  • Pass-through authentication to Active Directory
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The fastest way to implement Single Sign-on

Single-sign on that works with hundreds of well-known applications plus the simplest toolkits for integrating your custom applications. Unlimited users and unlimited transactions so you can grow without breaking the budget. On premise or cloud.

  • Standards-based SSO support (SAML 2.0, OpenIDConnect, OAuth, etc.)
  • Unlimited users, unlimited transactions
  • Easy application integration
  • Advanced tracing and diagnostics
  • Available in the Cloud or On-Premise
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The ideal mix of security and convenience for users

Allows mobile users to login via the corporate directory without storing passwords on the device or repeatedly typing long usernames/passwords.  OAuth compliant Smart-Token™ technology allows rapid integration of native applications, revocation of lost/stolen devices and customizable logon such as multi-factor.

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  • Supports both native and mobile-friendly web applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with enterprise SSO
  • Passwords are never stored on the device
  • Revocation and lost-stolen device management
  • Multi-factor authentication support
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