Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Identity Integration present organizations of all sizes with a number of critical challenges. Our clients worldwide rely on AssureBridge 24x7x365 to manage their most critical Identity and Access Management infrastructure and solutions. Powered by our advanced enterprise-class IDM 360™ platform, AssureBridge Managed Services is a comprehensive state-of-the-art full-service offering providing a wide range of capabilities that every IT organization requires.


  • Robust enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management Platform
  • On-Demand Single Sign-On Services
    • Cloud/SaaS Applications (Salesforce, Workday, Office 365, etc.)
    • Internal Applications (Vendor, e.g. Business Objects, or custom built in Java, .NET, Python, PHP, etc., or Portals like Liferay, Drupal, etc.)
  • Access Management (Roles, Groups, etc.)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Services
    • Legacy Multi-factor Authentication (works with platforms that cannot be modified due to lost source code, vendor license, etc)
    • Various forms of Multi-factor authentication (one time pin, secret question, etc.)
    • Integration with all popular MFA vendors
  • Directory-as-a-Service offering
    • User-friendly management console, ideal for help-desks
    • User Provisioning
  • Identity Synchronization
    • User de-provisioning to meet regulatory requirements
  • Identity Virtualization:
    • Flexible rule-based authentication routing (users identified and can each login with a different identity source: ADFS, LDAP, Database, etc)
    • Multiple directories and services as sources of authentication
    • Multiple authentication protocols (SAML, OpenIDConnect, OAuth 2.0, WS Federation, etc.)
    • Data validation and enrichment
    • Audit logging
    • Seamless MFA integration
    • Multi-tenancy support (Single deployment can securely service multiple customers)
    • Fully branded user experience (UI and UX)
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Micro-services Security
  • Application integration services
  • IDM architecture and advisory services


IDM 360™provides Managed Services clients with a number of flexible deployment options. Choose what works for you and not be constrained by what the only choice that a provider has to offer. Our deployment options include:

  • On-demand in the Cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Co-located on-premise


  • Global proven 24x7x365 global operational support model
  • Share-nothing, horizontally scalable architecture
  • Exceptional high-availability and failover capabilities
  • Various level of monitoring (server monitoring, service monitoring, end-user experience monitoring, etc.)
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