Active Directory for Customer Records

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Active Directory for Customer Records Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most popular Identity management systems for storing employee records.  It is a required component for any organization that uses Microsoft Windows domains and thus is ubiquitous in Microsoft shops. Typical information stored about employees include name, department number, user id, password, group [...]

Multifactor Authentication FAQ

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Multifactor Authentication FAQ What is multi-factor authentication? Multi-factor authentication requires users logging in to prove who they are in multiple (typically two) ways. Examples of proof include: You know something that no one else knows (like a password) You have something that no one else has (like your cell phone*) A unique physical [...]

Implementing Corporate Single Sign-on

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Implementing Corporate Single Sign-on From my previous blog we saw that implementing Corporate SSO is one of the most cost effective ways to enable cloud-based employee services and tools. Integration to each cloud services has a small to medium start up effort but then immediately starts paying benefits in terms of reduced cost of [...]

The case for Corporate Single Sign-on

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The Case for Corporate Single Sign-On Corporate single sign-on (SSO), allowing employees connect to all internal and external system with a single user id and passwords has long been a goal of IT managers. They traditionally, site the effort of maintaining multiple userids/passwords, the time spent performing password change and reset and the resultant [...]

What is Corporate Single Sign-on?

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What is Corporate Single Sign-On? Corporate Single sign-on (SSO) is the process of allowing an organizations employees to access a wide variety of company services without needing to maintain and enter separate user-ids and passwords for each site.  The types of services that employees might use include everything from time-card entry to travel management, [...]